HANGZHOU CANDID I/E CO., LTD is a professional company dealing in a variety of complete set of equipments covering aspect like machinery design, manufacturing, export, installation and commissioning. Founded in 2004, company yearly value of export reaches 3 million, and our machines have been exported to more than 50 countries. Main market including: Africa,South America, Southeast Asia, East Europe and Middle East.

        CANDID owns experienced team in design,marketing and after-sale service lead by General Manager who has 20 years experience in machinery industry. We could offer you most suitable proposal,high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. To customize safe,economic, efficient and accurate proposal for every client is our target andtheir satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Candid Product

Main Category



Iyon Wire


    Nail Making Machine、      Screw Making Machine      Nail Packing Machine、 

    Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine、     Gabion Machine、       Wire Drawing Machine 

    Wire Mesh Welding Machine、      Chain Link Fenc Machine、     Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

    Electric Galvanizing Line        Barbed Wire Machine       Strander Machine

Stationary Machine


    Eraser Making Machine、     Safety Pin Making Machine、     Paper Pencil Machine

    Staple Making Machine、     Hog Ring Making Machine、     Key Ring Making Machine

Plastic Machine


    Injection Machine、     Roto Mold machine、     Extruder Machine、     EPS Equipment、

    PET Bottle Making Machine

Customer Case

Story of our first customer from Tunisia in 2004

        My first customer from Tunisia  ordered the first wire drawing production line from us in 2004, which I was appreciated for it let me earn my first bucket of gold for our company. Now their factory has expanded to five production lines, with annual sales turnover five times more than ten years ago. In September 2015, we were warmly invited to visit them. They were so generous that bear all the travel expense on their own account, and made the reservation for the next order-straight-line wire drawing machine.

        We could see from this story, in terms of machine quality, the equipment we sold could supply 24 hours non-stop operation, as a result, customer gained profit and they felt grateful and will give you continuous order in the future.

customer form Tunisia

Story of the equipment exported to Iran in 2007

        The equipment we exported to Iran in 2007 was used for producing tri-ply wood. (It needs to fill in glue in the bonding process, the tri-ply wood will be orderly only if there's no deviationin filling the glue.) The product produced seems to have displacement and deviation problems while we dispatched first technician team for the commissioning, which cost a whole week but the problem were still unsettled. Continuously we sent the second technician team consists of different people, but remained a failure to find out the real problem. However, we never gave up. The third and last time when we dispatched our people, finally we succeeded in finding out the main reason. It's not the problem of the equipment, but caused by the wrong glue. No.32 is the appointed glue model that should be used, but the customer selected No.30 glue which had different drying rate and thus resulted in the discrepancy of cutting area.

        We bear all the charges since sending the second technician team, though this was not there sponsibility of our machine.

        Any problems occurred in machine operation, you could turn to us for help and solutions. That is always our concept.

customer from Iran

Story of Peruvian customer

        Our Peruvian customer ordered the first production line from us in 2012 with a value of ninety thousand dollars and because of the good running condition of our machines, they placed subsequent order for another two wire drawing productionline, one welding machine production line and twenty-three sets nail making machine from us. This customer has manufactured wire products only for two to three years, currently their market share has accounted for 20% in Peru and Chile . At present, their company rose to the second largest wire products supplier in Peru .

        In June this year, we cooperated again in two complete welding net production line, the scale of this purchase was much bigger than before, with a value of $500000.00 and technically speaking, machines are all full automatic this time instead of previous manual operation. So far, this client has placed orders valued nearly a million.

        The strength in product quality, professional and uninterrupted in-sales and after-sales service are always the key points why customers never regret to cooperate with us.

customer form Peruvian

Our Advantage

1Good quality and durability.

2We are a comprehensive supplier covering various fields, providing one-stop and overall proposal from our experience to the production line.

3Permanent service: we will continue our service and conduct on-the-spot investigation in the future.

4Assurance of output: professional proposal, reliable technology parameters and complete quality testing system.

5Customize equipment according to customers'special specification,guarantee machine running in good condition.

Why cooperate with CANDID

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Specializing in metal wire processing equipments with high automation

Reasonable price & Professional proposal

Expert in communication, customer reception and international trade

Feeding material testing before shipment, guarantee normal running.

High quality & high efficiency after-sale service