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What are the wire drawing process

The process characteristics of wire/rod drawing consists of (1) Pulling of the wire rod/round through the die to reduce its diameter, (2) Drawing increases the length of the wire/rod as its diameter decreases, (3) Several dies are used in succession (tandem) for small diameter wire,(4)At last ,the wire rod/round will be smaller ,but the length will longer .and more suitable in somewhere  and more valuable 

What are the nails coated with?

Galvanized nails are coated with zinc to give them added corrosion resistance. Blued steel nails are subjected to a flame to give them a bluish oxide finish that provides a certain amount of corrosion resistance. So-called cement-coated nails are actually coated with a plastic resin to improve their grip.

What is the principle of wire drawing machine ??

A:The principle of wire drawing mchine are by the smaller drawing die diameters from one drawing step to the next the wire diameter is reduced by the diameter given through the drawing die. With a constant entrance speed of the wire the finished wire has a drawing speed after the last drawing die which is linear to the diameter reduction of the wire. This is equal for all individual drawing steps.

Q:What is Speed of Nail Making Machine?

A:Well its depend on customer that which type of Nail Making Machine Model Choose it generally Nail Making Machine Speed is 350 Nail Per Minute. It means you can Produce 500 Kg Nail if you’re Nail Making Machine working 8 hour in a day.

Q:What are the steps of cleaning before galvanized

A:1.first ,steel is immersed in a caustic solution to remove organic material such as grease and dirt, 2.followed by dipping in an acid bath (hydrochloric or sulfuric) to remove mill scale and rust, 3. finally lowered into a bath of flux that promotes zinc & steel reaction and retards further oxidation of the steel… (steel will not react with zinc unless it is perfectly clean)

Q:Wire mesh machine can be customize by my requipments?

A:Yes,wire mesh welding machine just as our other salling machine well ,can be tailor-made according to customer' s inquiry; but within the scope of our design for better efficiency and performance of the machines.please let us know what are your demands of it .  

Q;What is purpose of Wire Mesh Welding Machine

A:One of Our steel wire mesh welding machine/mesh welder purpose is specially designed to produce welded mesh for constructional purpose as in RC and SRC applications with reinforcement concrete.

Q:Wire drawing dies

A:Drawing dies are usually made of tool steel, tungsten carbide or diamond, all of which have surfaces of high hardness. Due to different sizes of wires, different dies are employed. A diamond die is used for drawing very fine wire. For hot drawing, cast-steel dies are used, while for steel wire drawing, a tungsten carbide die is used.Click to learn more about  wire drawing machine 

A:Process of wire drawing machine

A:The wire is usually shrunk through pointing machine to fit through the die; then the wire is pulled through the die. As the volume of the wire remains the same, the diameter of the wire is getting smaller, the length will be longer. Broadly speaking, the wire needs a series of draw, through smaller and smaller dies, to reach the particular size.Click to learn more about wire drawing machine 

A:Two ways of wire drawing machine lubrication

Lubrication is an important part of drawing process, for its close relationship with good finish surface and long die life. Given different lubrication conditions, there are two types of wire drawing: wet and dry. Straight wire drawing machine is a dry drawing, for its wire or rod go through a lubricant container, while wet wire drawing machine refers to the wire or rod are completely immersed in lubricant.

Q:About wire drawing machine

A:Wire drawing machine is designed to reduce the cross-section of a wire to a desired size through pulling the wire through a single or a couple of dies. There are many applications for wire drawing, including making nail 、screw ,electrical wiring, cables, spokes for wheels and stringed musical instruments.Click to learn more about wire drawing machine 

Q:What is your sales service

1. Trial running before delivery, offer finished product for customer confirmation.2. Shipping on time3. According to the customer credit status, provide the buyer's credit, the medium and long term credit, quality assurance

Q:How can I get a quotation as soon as possible ??

A:Please send us the product parameters you need. For example, if you need quotation for wire drawing machine, please provide us with following information by email: zmec@china-equipments.com: 1. Raw material (high carbon steel or low carbon steel) 2.diameter of inlet and outlet wire 3. Required capacity (how many kg/8h) 4. Usage of your final product . We will prepare the proposal for you asap.

Q:What pre-sales service your company provide ?

Q: What pre-sales service your company provide ?A:1.Free solution proposal.2.Configuring the equipment completely to the customer’s requirement. and we will provide the proposal to the customer who have no experience in this field.