Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Candid Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
US $100000-120000
Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Min. Order
1 set

Item specifics

Stainless Steel Wire
Construction in Bulding;Fence Mesh
Welded Mesh
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Product Description

Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Function Features of welding wire mesh fence machine

Main characteristic: Both line wires and cross wires are coiled, can weld continuous wire mesh sheets and wire mesh rolls.

Main functional structures: Line wire straightening and locator device, line wire fed and locator device, cross wire straightening, cutting and alignment device,mechanical hauling wire mesh device, wire mesh locator device.

Advantages of brick force wire mesh welding machine 

It’s compact in structure, easily to operate and with fully functions. The machine is used to produce welded wire mesh.



GWCD1200A (1.5-2.4)

GWCD1200A (2.3-3.0)

Number of electrodes



Max. mesh width

1200 mm

1200 mm

Wire diameter

1.5-2.4 mm

2.3-3.0 mm

Cross wires space

50-200 mm

50-200 mm

Line wires space

50-200 mm

50-200 mm

Electric capacity

125 KVA

315 KVA

Welding speed

60-80 Count/Min

40-60 Count/Min

Control system

SCM control

SCM control

Product Show

wire mesh welding machine

wire mesh welding product show

welding machine show

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Packaging & Shipping

We choose the best domestic delivery and handle goods carefully, using necessary protections to keep the Wire Mesh Welding Machine away from unexpected damages. We ensure that our clients will get their satisfying Machines.

wire mesh machine packing1

wire mesh machine packing2

Our Services

1. Guarantee : 12 months after commissioning.

2. Installation : Engineers available to service machine overseas.

Exported to Peru

Our Peruvian customerordered the first production line from us in 2012 with a value of ninetythousand dollars and because of the good running condition of our machines,they placed subsequent order for another two wire drawing production line, onewelding machine production line and twenty-three sets nail making machine fromus. This customer has manufactured wire products only for two to three years,currently their market share has accounted for 20% in Peru and Chile. At present, their company roseto the second largest wire products supplier in Peru.

In June this year, wecooperated again in two complete welding net production line, the scale of thispurchase was much bigger than before, with a value of $500000.00 and technicallyspeaking, machines are all full automatic this time instead of previous manualoperation. So far, this client has placed orders valued nearly a million.

our peruvian customer

our peruvian customer